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Investment Opportunities

With the volatility and constant surprises of the stock and bond markets, many investors have turned to the real estate market for more security. You do not have to purchase real estate to participate in the real estate industry. Alpha Lending was developed to facilitate and assist you with investing in individual real estate loans. Above-standard returns on your investment is within your reach with Alpha Lending.

Services We Provide

Alpha Lending performs all due diligence on loan applications. Along with the borrower, the subject property is also fully investigated and evaluated. Alpha Lending services all loans by collecting payments, monitoring insurance policies, collecting property tax payments at closing, providing year-end tax information to the lender and, if necessary, facilitating the foreclosure process.

Secured investment in these real estate loans is provided by recording a deed of trust, mortgage, and any other applicable security documents naming the investors as lien holders on the investment. You--the investor--are the bank for the borrowers.

Investment Income & Accessibility

The income on real estate investment is paid monthly based on the borrower's repayment schedule. Alpha Lending can assist in selling real estate notes quickly. (Fees may apply to transfer your investment to cash.)

Investment Time Frame

Your investment time frame can be short or long. Alpha Lending offers various options to investors based on their specific investment goals.

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